Company of Heroes will be Free!

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Company of Heroes will be Free! Empty Company of Heroes will be Free!

Post  snipes on Wed Jun 02, 2010 5:35 pm

What better way is there to celebrate nearly four years of Company of Heroes than releasing the game for free? VentureBeat reports that Relic Entertainment's World War II RTS will soon be available free of charge in the U.S.
Similar to the free-to-play versions already available in China and South Korea, Company of Heroes Online will include the full single-player component from the original Company of Heroes game, plus a revamped online mode with some kind of persistent progression system.

"In the past, our multiplayer experience was a quick game session that was over as soon as the match was over," said senior producer Tim Holman. "With this game, you get an extended experience over time."

Rather than charging an up-front fee to play the game, Relic plans on using microtransactions to make bank. It's an approach that seems to have worked well for MMOs like Dungeons & Dragons Online, but will that success extend to the strategy genre?

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